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Good Wood

All of our wood comes from FSC approved sources. The Forest Stewardship Council ensure that registered forests, all around the world, are managed for sustainable output to ensure livelihoods for future generations and to reverse deforestation.

We Handcraft for You!

All of the items on our website can be purchased at our standard design & sizes, however, you may need them tailored to suit your garden layout, views, prevailing wind etc.. This is no problem at all as we hand-craft from raw materials. Costs are calculated by the amount & variety of wood plus labour, so often this doesn’t affect the price much.

 Easy, Easy, Easy!

We aim to keep the process of buying from us as easy and enjoyable as possible. Once we have established the right design for you, we build it in the factory, then disassemble it and deliver it in kit form. This means we will have it built and ready for you to use in a minimal amount of time.

Foundations and Footings

Many of our buildings do not need footings or a concrete base. Ideally they will sit on a hard level area but we can build them on banks using timber ‘stilts’. We will discuss the base and build with you so you can assess the complete cost of your new building before you purchase.

An Otterbourne being built

If you move house -

Take it with you

Our garden huts are easy to dismantle and re-assemble should you wish to move yours.

Planning Permission

Some of our garden buildings do not need planning permission however please click here to see our planning page for further details. If you are not sure - get in touch and we will help you to establish whether it is necessary or not and how to go about it if it is.

After-care of Your New Product

As with all wood products, a little care now and then will keep your wood looking great for many HK Stain Remmersyears to come. Please click this box to go to our ‘After-Care’ page to find out what we recommend.

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The Timber We Use

We use many different types of wood however the main ones are Oak, Pine, Arctic Pine, Larch, Fir and Aspen.

Green Oak is used where strength is needed like the vertical supports for our hut roofs and the frame for garages. Although it can split or twist a bit, we make sure we use branches or the centre of the tree so splits never go right through (they only go to the centre of the tree). We also offer it as longer lasting cladding for sheds and garages.

Kiln Dried & Seasoned Oak is used for furniture, shelves and where a smooth surface is required. Dried oak doesn’t split and twist like green oak.

Pine, Fir & Larch are all softwoods. They are lighter than oak and are better for machining and shaping. We use them for the log walls, roof structures, flooring and cladding.

Aspen is  white and soft, but fairly strong. This makes it ideal for roofs. The shingles are soft and flexible when fresh and then get harder and harder and more waterproof with age. They are then laid in horizontal rows with side overlapping, each row changing direction.

Hi!  Come on in and take a look around. We have lots of unusual buildings for your garden.

If it’s wood you want - we can help. Whether an oak framed garage with rooms upstairs, a place in your garden to entertain, work or relax,  or you want to set up a glamping business.

Please take a look around our site and then get in touch. We will do our best to make the  whole process from choosing the right product, to enjoying it in your garden, as easy and hassle free as possible.

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